Terms & Conditions

  1. The following terms and conditions apply only to subscribers who wish to use mobile data services through the MTN 4G network.
  2. The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to the general terms and conditions of the subscription contract and prepaid MTN PayAsYouGo service.
  3. The use of data services through the MTN 4G network requires  a device that supports access to 4G network and installation of the software that allows access to the 4G network. It is upon the sole responsibility of the subscriber to purchase and use a suitable 4G device
  4. The use of data services through the 4G network is available to all existing and new subscribers of selected pay monthly and pre-paid plans and services (MTN SMART L, MTN SMART UNLIMITED, MTN SMART UNLIMITED PLUS, all Mobile Broadband services, MTN 4G Broadband in a Box Large and MTN 4G Broadband in a Box Xlarge).
  5. The provision of data services through the 4G network is available only within Cyprus. The 4G access while roaming is not currently available.

6.Once you have access to our data services through the MTN 4G network, you will be able to access mobile internet data over our 4G network whenever you are in a 4G coverage area. When in our other mobile data network areas (for example Edge/GPRS/3G/HSPA+ areas) you will still be able to access non-4G data over these networks as usual.

  1. The available data of your respective plan, if any, will be used for all network technologies (Edge / GPRS / 3G / HSPA + / 4G) and will not differentiate between the types of mobile data you are using.
  2. The provision of data services through the 4G network may be affected by various factors such as the geographical coverage of the network, the number of MTN subscribers using the 4G network, network upgrades, system failures, weather conditions or any other environmental factor.
  3. Subscribers should check the 4G network coverage before subscribing in any service. The map indicates the outdoor coverage. Coverage may vary depending on time and location. The coverage and 4G speeds are indicative and may not be as good indoors or in a car. Further, it may be affected by other factors such as buildings, trees, weather, your mobile equipment, the browser you are using, the services you are accessing etc. The coverage map (that can be found in the page) is a guide and does not guarantee signal coverage.

10.For the reason that the average data rate over the 4G network is at least four times higher than the average data rate over the network 3G, to avoid excessive charges, subscribers are advised to check the volume of data download over the network 4G. The subscribers can check their data usage by sending text SMS with the word “inv” to 1155*. Standard text SMS charge applies: € 0.0207/SMS incl. VAT.

11.MTN reserves the right to implement 4G speed caps in the future. Any details will be listed on our website.